Our Core Values

Our core values shape our identity as Jesus followers.  We want to make disciples who reflect the character, life, and mission of Jesus.  As we look at the Gospels we see Jesus dwelling in three different relationships: 1) with the Father (Worship), 2) with the disciples (Connect), and 3) with the world (Serve).  We as Jesus-followers want to strive for health in these three relationships.


Jesus had an intimate relationship with the Father. God invites us into a covenant relationship with him through Jesus. God initiates this relationship and we cultivate it through prayer, praise, receiving His Sacraments (Baptism and The Lord’s Supper) and through reading, hearing, meditating upon, and studying His Word. However, worship is not limited to these things but is also living out our identity as children of God in our every day lives. This is our spiritual act of worship (Romans 12:1, John 15:5, Acts 2:42)


Jesus called his disciples so that they might be with him. Following His example, we desire to live in close community with other believers; loving, caring for, encouraging, and challenging one another to live out our calling in Christ. (Mark 3:14b, Acts 2:42, John 13:34)


Jesus came to serve. As His followers, we seek to serve Him and our neighbor in need. The greatest service we can share with our neighbor is the Good News of salvation in Jesus. We desire to see social justice and cultural renewal in the community of Ankeny, the greater Des Moines metro, and the world. (Galatians 6:10a, Mark 10:45, Acts 2:45)